We help clinical researchers collect the valuable data they need to make important discoveries

Clinical research in the palm of your hand

The mobility and versatility of TrialKit allows for seamless regulatory compliant data capture from mobile devices anytime, anywhere. Once collected, data can be easily aggregated, analyzed and shared, making collaboration between research teams more productive.

TrialKit is a fully featured eClinical system. See how it stacks up against other platforms in a Competitive Comparison chart.

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Build a study

An intuitive user interface enables study builders to create electronic case report forms (eCRFs) to collect essential study data in accordance with study protocol and regulatory requirements. TrialKit lays the foundation for a truly paperless and compliant study. With no programming expertise, any clinical professional can create a study using iPhone or iPad.

TrialKit’s Form Builder

TrialKit’s Form Builder makes it so simple to design clean, easy to complete eCRFs. Its practical toolbox and drag and drop interface are instinctive – even for those who are inexperienced with touchscreen devices. Create conditional actions to perform edit checks that help ensure accurate data collection. Forms saved either locally or on the cloud can be used or repurposed for future studies. With TrialKit, building study, site, and subject forms can be a pleasant part of the research process.

TrialKit is perfect for CROs, Sponsors, Academic Institutions, and Individual Researchers

Manage a study

With TrialKit, clinical research can be expertly managed from start to finish on a smartphone or tablet. Research professionals are truly capable of managing a clinical trial from anywhere, whether they are on or off site. The ability to access, monitor, and review data or respond to queries on-the-go is now a reality.

Maximize productivity, minimize cost

Leverage the latest in EDC technology to expedite clinical trials and advance healthcare. TrialKit eliminates the need for costly, outdated data collection tools by embracing the accessibility and efficiency of mobile operating systems. Subscriptions are straightforward with a low monthly, per study rate. To start reducing the cost of clinical research, download the app and register for a free 30 day trial.


Features and Functionality

Study Manager
Create, edit, and archive studies

Define/Edit Randomization
Define randomization events, stratification, and blinding

Regulatory Audit Reports
Report on all changes throughout the system

User Manager
Add or edit users to host. View user information. Add content to user forms

Define/Edit Scheduled Visits
Define scheduled visit intervals and place CRFs and activities within intervals

Define/Edit External Variables
External variables allow study builders to access data from other forms

Study Workflow
Define and order data review levels

Form Manager
Design and edit study, site and subject forms

Query Management Configuration
Define and configure the query management system

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