Measuring patient outcomes has never been easier

We believe ePRO features are some of the most important functionality a clinical trial can provide.

These features make the clinical trial process easier for patients and researchers alike. Here are just a few ways a clinical trial can be enhanced by using TrialKit’s ePRO solution:

  • Patients can snap photos or videos directly into a survey in addition to standard data collection
  • Patient access has been made simple and flexible, so little or no training is required. Email and/or in-app notifications guide the patient directly to their surveys, which can be accessed through the app or through any web browser.
  • Automate the entire notification process and enforce patient survey completion by sending reminders
  • Allow sites to send notifications directly to the patient

Patientricity: putting the patient at the center of the trial

TrialKit gives people the power to search for, enroll, and participate in studies that would be most beneficial to them – staying actively involved in their own healthcare using only an iPhone or iPad.

Available for free on the App Store® for prospective participants, TrialKit utilizes HealthKit™, so study participants can carry out activities from virtually any location, while researchers can view and manage the data as it comes in.

By completing study-specific eCRFs using familiar gestures, participants provide researchers with the valuable data they need to develop innovative treatments to improve the lives of not only people today, but generations to come. Ultimate convenience and ease of use for patients will lead to increased study enrollment and fewer patients lost to follow-up, resulting in an astounding increase in transformative medical discoveries.

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