With TrialKit Manager, clinical research can be expertly managed from start to finish on an iOS device. TrialKit Manager lets researchers collect data from eCRFs, manage queries, and view reports. Researchers can collect, cleanse, and export data in a variety of formats for review and submission to the FDA or other governing bodies. Research professionals are truly capable of managing a clinical trial from anywhere, whether they are on or off site. The ability to access, monitor, and review data or respond to queries on-the-go is now a reality. 


Getting started is as simple as downloading a TrialKit app from the Apple App Store. ​This iOS exclusive collection of clinical research apps is comprised of TrialKit Builder (available 1/15/17), TrialKit Manager (available today), and TrialKit Patient (available today). Each app has been carefully developed with regulatory compliance in mind. TrialKit Builder and TrialKit Manager provide researchers with the functionality to create studies and gather vital data. TrialKit Patient allows a diverse population to participate in trials and contribute to medical research.  

TrialKit is an iOS exclusive collection of clinical research apps that can be downloaded by researchers to build and/or manage a study or downloaded by study subjects to participate in a study. 

Build a Study 

Manage a Study 

TrialKit Patient enables enrolled subjects to participate in studies and be proactive in their own healthcare using only an iPhone or iPad. By completing study-specific eCRFs using iOS-familiar gestures, participants provide researchers with the valuable data they need to develop innovative treatments to improve the lives of not only people today, but generations to come. Ultimate convenience and ease of use for patients will lead to increased study enrollment and fewer patients lost to follow-up, resulting in an astounding increase in transformative medical discoveries.   

Download TrialKit iOS Apps

TrialKit sets a new standard for clinical research by empowering all researchers to conduct studies and any  iOS users to participate in studies. Using only an iOS device, researchers can design, deploy, and manage regulatory compliant studies with no programming required. With TrialKit, we can now think differently about the way we discover, manage, and treat health conditions. 

Revolutionizing Clinical Research

Participate in a Study 

TrialKit takes clinical research further - faster - than ever before. 

Valuable research and potentially life-changing drugs, devices and treatments may be lost if they cannot be approved by regulatory government agencies. This is what makes TrialKit the most groundbreaking mobile clinical trial tool available.  Any study, regardless of size or scope, can be created and conducted in a 21 CFR Part 11 compliant environment, allowing for the submission of study results to the FDA or other governing body for approval. TrialKit makes it possible for researchers to focus on what is truly important: discovering and implementing life-saving solutions and elevating the state of healthcare for people everywhere.  

Using the robust feature set of TrialKit Builder, researchers can easily create a study and configure its functionality based on protocol requirements. An intuitive user interface enables study builders to create electronic case report forms (eCRFs) to collect essential study data in accordance with study protocol and regulatory requirements. TrialKit Builder lays the foundation for a truly paperless and compliant study. With no programming expertise, the world's largest biotech companies, sponsors, CROs or individual researchers can create a study using any iOS device.